Alternative Energy - N-Viro Fuel™

N-Viro Fuel™ Energy System has synergy with coal-fired power plants

Coal fired power plants burning high sulfur coal inject limestone for SOx removal. The N-Viro Fuel™ energy system recycles the by-product containing significant lime to the process. Waste heat from the power plant in the form of exhaust gas, steam or cooling tower water provide power for the process. Operationally, the N-Viro Fuel™ energy system efficiently consumes waste heat, and lime. N-Viro Fuel™ produces ammonia for NOx removal, a savings to the Utility.

Summary of N-Viro Fuel™

  • is made from bioorganic waste
  • offers coal-fired power plants a renewable energy product
  • is an emission control strategy-liberated ammonia assists in NOx removal
  • is a Btu biomass-derived fuel
  • is easily blended with coal
  • equipment retrofits minimal
  • uses the selective and pretested fly ash as an alkaline additive
  • can use waste heat from power plant to fuel system

N-Viro is committed to controlling bioorganic wastes to preserve the environment for future generations.