Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is N-Viro International Corporationís ticker symbol and what exchange is N-Viro traded on?

Common shares of N-Viro International Corporation trade on OTC Markets Group (under their OTCQB market tier) under the ticker symbol NVIC:

2. What are the CUSIP numbers for N-Viro International Corporationís stock?

The CUSIP number of our common stock is 62944W207.

3. How can I purchase shares of N-Viro International Corporation?

We currently do not have a direct purchase program — our stock can be purchased through a broker or a financial institution that deals in securities.

4. Does N-Viro International Corporationís publicly available security pay dividends?

Declaration of any dividend on our common stock is at the sole discretion of the N-Viro International Corporation Board of Directors. We have no current plans to pay dividends on our common stock.

5. Who is the stock transfer agent for N-Viro International Corporation?

N-Viro International Corporationís registrar and stock transfer agent address:

Olde Monmouth Stock Transfer Company, Inc.
200 Memorial Parkway
Atlantic Highlands, N.J. 07716

Contact by phone: 732.872.2727
Contact by email:

6. Is it possible to get a stock certificate for my share holdings?

N-Viro International does not issue stock certificates. If you are a registered owner, you may obtain a replacement certificate for any lost or stolen certificates by contacting Olde Monmouth directly.

7. When did N-Viro International Corporation become a corporation?

We were incorporated in the state of Delaware in April 1993 and began operations when we acquired substantially all of the assets of five of our predecessor companies in the fall of 1993.

8. When does N-Viro International Corporationís fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year, or 12-month accounting period, is based on the calendar year and ends on December 31.

9. When will N-Viro International Corporation report quarterly earnings?

As a public company, we are required to file quarterly financial earnings reports (Form 10-Q) based on the guidelines set forth by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), after the completion of each calendar quarter generally around the 15th day of May, August and November, respectively.

10. Who are N-Viro International Corporationís independent auditors?

Our independent auditor is UHY, LLP of Dearborn, MI.

11. How can I be notified of N-Viro International Corporationís press releases?

You can register to automatically receive email alerts concerning our press releases.  Sign up for email alerts here.

12. How can I obtain N-Viro International Corporationís financial documents?

N-Viro is required to file periodic reports electronically with the SEC via the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval System (EDGAR). These publicly disclosed electronic documents can be found on the SEC website, or in the Financial Reporting section under the Investors category on this site.

Any other investor questions can be directed to our Investor Relations department email: