Alternative Energy Source

N-Viro Fuel™

N-Viro Fuel™ is a patented biomass-derived fuel that has the physical and chemical characteristics of coal. It is generated from municipal biosolds and other organics such as livestock manure, food waste, and pulp and paper sludge by-products.

The resulting product is blended with coal and used as a energy substitute by electric utilities. The blended fuels perform well compared to coal alone.

One of the advantages of biomass-derived fuel is the ammonia that is released in the process. This ammonia is available to be used as a substitute for ammonia or urea for NOx removal. The alternative fuel provides a cost effective solution that has a positive environmental impact by providing a lower sulfur content fuel for coal fired plants. Significant emission reductions can be achieved and contribute to the overall air quality.

Benefits of N-Viro Fuel™

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Energy efficient and protects the ambient environment
  • Reduce overall fossil fuel use
  • Few competing uses for bioorganic waste
  • Satisfy Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)
  • Environmentally sound alternative to land fill disposal