N-Viro Soil™

Substitute for Lime

Used as a soil amendment, lime substitute, landfill cover and land reclamation in the US, the UK, Israel, Australia and Canada.

The process is alkaline stabilization and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) regulates the use and treatment of biosolids. A Plain English Guide to the EPA Part 503 Biosolids Rule | Biosolids | US EPA

N-Viro International has developed a controlled particle temperature drying process to remove moisture quickly and efficiently. The consolidated single enclosed system cuts production time by two thirds, reduces fuel requirements and controls ignitability.


Research established N-Viro Soil™ as an industry leader

  • Slow release of organic matter
  • Improves texture and water-holding capacity in soil to promote root growth
  • Supplies nutrients essential for plant growth, including nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as some essential micro-nutrients, such as nickel, zinc, and copper
  • The bioorganic form of nutrients are less water soluble

Download the N-Viro Soil™ information sheet for Florida