Meet Our Management Team

Timothy R. Kasmoch

Timothy R. Kasmoch
President and Chief Executive Officer

Timothy R. Kasmoch is President and Chief Executive Officer of N-Viro International Corporation with extensive experience in environmental management, operations, and strategic planning. Mr. Kasmoch has been active in the area of soil management and conservation for over twenty years. Before accepting his present post, Mr. Kasmoch held various positions including Vice President of a privately held soil management company where he led the composting division of the company to extract the highest value possible from organic feedstocks into marketable products for the lawn and garden industry. His skill and aptitude to manage and implement strategies to respond to rapid growth helped the company achieve record expansion in the 90’s. Mr. Kasmoch pursued the acquisition of an International soil mining company in Canada as part of the company’s forward integration strategy. As President of the newly acquired soil mining company Mr. Kasmoch focused on creating value through continuous improvements that balanced financial measures with quality and customer service.

In his current position as President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kasmoch’s vision is to expand operations, acquire manufacturing assets, and launch innovative thermo-conversion technologies to compete in the renewable/alternative energy industry. The overall company aim is to maximize firm value and balance shareholder objectives with customer and operational objectives.

As leader of the management team, he identifies growth strategies that deliver more customer value and recognizes the demand for new and innovative alternative energy products. Mr. Kasmoch strongly encourages open communication with all Company stakeholders. He is a hands-on leader with engaging commitment to see N-Viro International achieve prominence in the emerging alternative energy industry. Mr. Kasmoch has served as President, Chief Executive Officer and board member since February 2006.

Robert W. Bohmer

Robert W. Bohmer
Executive Vice-President of Business Development
General Counsel for N-Viro International Corporation

Robert W. Bohmer was appointed Executive Vice-President of Business Development and General Counsel at N-Viro International Corporation in July of 2007. Prior to assuming his role at N-Viro, Mr. Bohmer practiced law as a partner in a Toledo law firm for eleven years.

Mr. Bohmer has oversight and responsibility for planning, developing, implementing, and coordinating strategic business plans to maximize operating performance, achieve financial goals and increase revenue generating activities. He is accountable for implementing the new business model focus on operations, customer value and resource allocation.

As part of the executive management team, Mr. Bohmer is a dynamic leader cultivating strong collaborative relationships with key stakeholders. His management skills, leadership qualities and education enable him to develop policy and provide professional legal counsel and support to the Board of Directors.

James K. McHugh

James K. McHugh
Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary

James K. McHugh has provided financial leadership for N-Viro International Corporation for over 20 years, after joining the Company in April 1992.  He initially served as the Director of Accounting & Taxation and then Controller until his promotion to CFO, Secretary, and Treasurer in 1997.  When the company went public in 1993, Mr. McHugh furnished financial and valuation groundwork for the IPO due diligence process.

Mr. McHugh is responsible for monitoring vital monthly and quarterly financial indicators, setting internal audit goals and preparing financial reports.  His duties are as varied as his skills.  He develops and maintains capital budgets and prepares and files required Securities and Exchange Commission documents for quarterly, annual and all other public filings.  As the senior financial executive, Mr. McHugh helps ensure financial integrity of the Company while serving as an integral part of the management team and the financial contact with their outside professional advisors.  As the Corporate Secretary and Treasurer, he serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.

He is the primary financial analytical leader with fundamental insight into all fiscal aspects of the Company, from managing financial resources to developing policies and procedures that meet corporate objectives.  He is accountable for administrative, financial and risk management and has been the financial cornerstone for over two decades.