• Our special task is to make alternative energy
  • Our source materials are used and unwanted
  • Our process is not complex but has powerful results
  • N-Viro Fuel™ replaces fossil fuel
  • It is all about conserving our resources and creating harmony
  • Surplus, excess, discarded wastes are a process burden
  • It is our business to remove the problem and change it for the better

Our Mission - Reuse - Recycle


We are a technology and service firm specializing in:

  • Sourcing and Managing Bioorganic Materials
  • Exclusive Process Know How
  • Market to Industrial and Utility Industries
  • Service Offering Value Equation

The Five Rs

  • Regain Global Atmospheric Balance
  • Reuse Bioorganic Materials
  • Replace Fossil Fuels
  • Reduce Carbon Pollution
  • Responsible Conservation