Alternative Energy Technology

Resource Conversion Process Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

Bioorganics go through a biochemical metabolism that results in noxious odors that are unpleasant to nearby communities.

Bioorganics that are not properly stabilized and disposed of create runoff problems with nonpoint source pollution. We are often unaware of nonpoint source pollution because it seems harmless; however it contributes to pollution in our waterways.

The world needs less pollution - we make it possible

The N-Viro patented technology involves mixing a bioorganic material (biosolids, animal manure, pulp and paper sludge, food processing waste, waste paper and cardboard, and other industrial organic waste, such as fermentation biomass and pharmaceutical waste) with alkaline reagents that prepare the bioorganic for a chemical conversion.

N-Viro Technology - Alternative Energy
Technology Benefits

  • Physical Stabilization
  • Odor Control
  • Controls Ignitability
  • Destruction of Pathogens
  • Safely Utilized