We cover a broad range of industrial, municipal, and recreational markets

Client word-of-mouth, paired with a diverse team of specialists, leads to the sectors Nviro readily serves today.

Municipal Water

Municipal Water Systems

Design, engineer, and integrate water systems, while testing and disinfecting for safe drinking. Treat odor and taste to meet secondary standards.

Municipal Wastewater

Municipal Wastewater

Ensure effluent water quality meets regulations, and allow for reuse whenever possible. Improve operations with primary and secondary clarification, anaerobic digestion, biological treatment, tertiary wastewater filtration, and other services to uphold compliance.



Enhance wine quality, taste, and consistency with water treatment. Treat wastewater from wine production by removing nutrients, such as seeds, stems, grape skins, lees, and sugars to uphold safe and compliant discharge. Increase production to support Crush with design-build or plant upgrades.



Brewery wastewater is rich in nutrients containing alcohol, sugars, and proteins, requiring treatment with high levels of oxygen for decomposition and safe discharge. Minimize waste and reuse effluent produced in the beer-making process with aerobic treatment techniques.
Poolside at Resort

Hotels and Resorts

An array of amenities, paired with frequent use, leads to ongoing water and wastewater service needs in the hospitality sector. Reduce waste and operating costs for hotels, spas, and landscapes with advanced water and wastewater treatment technology.
Golf Course

Golf Courses

Preserve the green with a sustainable plan for landscape irrigation. Use recycled water in an intentional and measurable way, so resources are effectively managed and conserved. Reduce operating costs, while satisfying requirements for safe water use.

Community Service Districts (CSDs)

CSDs are unincorporated county areas in need of water and wastewater treatment solutions. We make sure the water is both clean and safe for drinkability, while monitoring supply. Effective wastewater treatment further protects community health and water sources.

Wastewater Lagoons

Treat wastewater in a series of lagoons (or ponds) for reusability or discharge with complex aeration systems and SCADA controls/monitoring. Minimize waste by volume with sludge vacuum dewatering to prepare for disposal. This provides a reliable, cost-effective, and relatively low maintenance treatment system.

Irrigation Reservoirs

Capture and store water for regular irrigation, or collect for later use. This water management strategy allows for recycled well water and wastewater in reservoirs to be reused in agriculture, boosting crop yields while protecting surface and groundwater systems from contaminants.

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